ZT Server Solutions: Cloud Computing

ZT Server Solutions Powering the Next-Generation Data Center

Every data center has unique needs, and ZT Systems customizes server solutions to meet them with close attention to business and technical objectives. Whether you are working at the large scale of internet infrastructure or harnessing the power of cloud architecture within your enterprise, we understand your need to balance factors including performance, density and energy efficiency -- while managing total cost of ownership.

Our team of experts consults with you to design optimized server solutions based on your specific priorities and applications. Whether your key concerns are security and compliance, low latency and high redundancy, or lightning-fast energy-efficient data analysis, ZT Systems can generate a solution for you.

Cloud Computing - Solutions tailored to the unique needs of hyperscale cloud computing
Internet Infrastructure - Custom volume server solutions for content delivery and hosting.
Data Analytics - Scalable compute solutions to cost-effectively realize the power of Big Data.
Finance - ZT solutions enable the industry to capitalize on compute while controlling costs.
Telecom - Optimized server solutions to power both service and customer management.
Energy - Oil and gas exploration place high demands on data analysis and energy efficiency.
Online Gaming - Application-optimized solutions for web front end and web data analysis.

Healthcare - Powering the data centers and solutions that change and save lives.

ZT Solutions for Cloud Computing
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How ZT uses cutting-edge computational fluid dynamics thermal modeling tools enabling optimzed server efficiency.
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ZT server solutions provide the right balance for cloud computing, providing scale-out capability while maintaining flexibility and individual attention.
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