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Partnering from Whiteboard to Data Center for Hyperscale Compute and Storage Solutions

Approaches to computing are evolving away from the traditional enterprise model and toward private and public cloud architectures. Hyperscale customers in this new environment have a distinct set of priorities that demand a different kind of hardware partner. Optimization for your specific workloads, innovative use of industry-standard components, and short design cycles are critical. Equally important is continuity of supply, so you can satisfy customer expectations for seemingly limitless cloud resources.

ZT Systems is passionate—to the point of obsession—about delighting our customers by solving their complex challenges. Always taking a collaborative approach, we strive to add value as defined by you throughout each project, from concepting on the whiteboard through deploying and supporting finished solutions. We work with you to understand unique workloads, business needs, and challenges, and are fully committed to considering the broadest range of technologies to meet your requirements. Combining flexible partnership with hyperscale-focused experience and specialized capabilities, ZT Systems delivers the most efficient purpose-built compute and storage solutions available.

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Collaborative Design



Cost Effectiveness

Supply Chain Optimization

Consolidated Design and Manufacturing

Collaboratively Designed Solutions for Optimal Efficiency

ZT partners with you to collaboratively design purpose-built solutions based on your unique value criteria. There is no catalog or roadmap. Instead, we develop a set of evolving platform building blocks that balance technology leadership, cost efficiency and supply diversity. The resulting solution is best fit to your unique workload, performance and operating cost requirements – and free from nonessential functionality and add-ons. Similarly, optional logistics and service solutions are tailored to match specific requirements and compliment customer resources.

Other providers claim the ability to design solutions to your needs, but in reality may be simply assembling components to your specifications. The true collaborative design partnership ZT Systems provides involves an in-depth understanding of hyperscale workloads and environments developed through years of rigorous engineering engagements with the most demanding data center operators. We leverage real-world experience to help you understand technology options and tradeoffs, so your solutions are truly best-fit to your applications. Talk to us and you’ll understand the difference.

A True Partner for Hyperscale Compute and Storage

From management and engineers to account representatives and field service staff, the ZT Systems team treats customers as long-term partners and places great value on delivering to our commitments. For data center customers who rely on cost effective, quality solutions delivered consistently time after time, having a partner you can trust is critical. ZT Systems strives to earn that trust in everything we do.

Expertise You Can Count On
Because we are always evolving through experience with hyperscale leaders and research on the latest technologies, ZT Systems can supply in-depth expertise that helps reduce uncertainty and risk for both customers and suppliers.

Consistent, Reliable Execution
We work alongside you to understand your unique value criteria and application requirements, then collaboratively design best-fit solutions from the component level up. Once a solution is defined, ZT employs a proven playbook for execution to ensure it is consistently delivered. Each platform’s bill of materials is locked down to the firmware level, and any proposed changes or substitutions must be communicated to and approved by you.

The Most Flexible Design Partner

Design flexibility is a function of capability, speed, and the willingness to create truly purpose-built solutions. ZT has robust, hyperscale-specific engineering capabilities and a proven track record of rapid, iterative design in collaboration with some of the world’s leading data center customers. But what sets us apart is a resolve to dive more deeply into your requirements, consider a broader range of potential solutions, and do whatever it takes to produce platforms that are precisely tailored to your needs.

A Partner Designed for Cost Effectiveness

Efficient Partnerships and Structure
ZT Systems has strong direct relationships with leading technology vendors, who recognize our value as a trusted advisor to some of the world’s largest data center customers. Cost savings from high volume manufacturing are passed along to you through a lean, hyperscale-centric organization that is unburdened by the high overhead and conflicting priorities that can result from operating multiple lines of business. Our streamlined organizational structure and culture of efficiency facilitate highly agile decision-making, accelerating the development cycle. ZT is able to move from scope to build rapidly, which means solutions are deployed into your data centers and delivering revenue for your business sooner.

Cost Efficient Designs
A pioneer of the “vanity-free” design approach made familiar by the Open Compute Project, ZT Systems solutions dispense with nonessential functionality and cosmetic elements. Our collaborative design process ensures all costs are justified by the individual customer’s success metrics. ZT employs strict manufacturing quality control procedures to ensure reliability, further decreasing total cost of ownership.

Supply Chain Optimization

Hyperscale supply chain considerations are integrated into the ZT Systems design approach, which promotes modularity and flexibility at the component and SKU level. Wherever possible, we avoid exotic components in favor of industry-standard parts that can be qualified from multiple sources to control costs and limit the impact of supply interruptions. When appropriate, ZT has the experience and capabilities to design and fabricate boards, chassis, racks and other components to optimize functionality and cost.

ZT works with customers and supplier partners on solutions to manage supply chain risk when demand exceeds forecast, or during industry-wide component shortages. Collaborating with you to understand demand volatility, we model forecasts and define buffer levels for each component, especially those with long lead times and single sources. Nimble manufacturing capabilities allow resources to be quickly shifted to handle demand fluctuations. To further mitigate risk, tailored supply chain management offerings such as extended parts buffer programs can be developed.

Consolidated Design and Manufacturing

At ZT Systems, engineering and manufacturing functions are tightly coordinated, and in most cases take place under one roof. Manufacturing capabilities include complete assembly from the sub-L5 component level through full rack integration. This consolidation of functions enables improved reliability and rapid delivery, with complete one-stop accountability and rapid response to change orders.

ZT’s consolidated capabilities enable swift iteration of evaluation designs, which accelerates development and shortens time to full production. Rapid deployment is enabled by worldwide shipping expertise and strategically located global facilities. These include full USA-based manufacturing to support data centers in North America and beyond. The advantages of consolidated design and manufacturing are highlighted by ZT’s consistent rankings at the top of our customers’ vendor scorecards.