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Mission, Vision & Values

Mission, Vision and Values

At ZT Systems, we envision a cloud-empowered world enabled by optimized infrastructure.

Our mission is to be the design, manufacturing and logistics partner of choice for hyperscale compute and storage customers in this new environment.

To deliver on our mission, we work hard to create, evolve and strengthen a culture that enables outstanding team results. Our culture is characterized by a few ideas that find their way into everything we do:


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People First

Ownership Mentality


Partnership & Teamwork

Success begins with people. From day one, our team members have helped build our company through innovation, hard work and relationships. This is the foundation of ZT’s industry leadership. To sustain our success, we hold the bar high while fostering a respectful and rewarding environment where people thrive.

Because we truly care about what we do and why we’re doing it, each team member approaches their job as if ZT is their own company. This sense of ownership helps us appreciate our past success, while taking personal accountability for the future as if it were our first day in business. We move quickly; when mistakes are made, we acknowledge them, correct course, and move forward.

Consistent high quality is what differentiates ZT, and our customers remind us of this often. Quality is at the core of everything we do, from our people to our products. It results from hiring great people, then holding them accountable to excellence. Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures we maintain the highest standards and deliver the best value to our customers.

Success comes from working together, both in Partnership with customers and suppliers, and through Teamwork with colleagues. By communicating clearly and honestly in an environment of mutual trust and commitment, our diverse team combines their unique skills and knowledge to deliver the best solutions to our customers.