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Rack-level solutions for fast, efficient deployment

In the new model of data center computing, the primary unit for deployment is increasingly the rack instead of individual servers, storage enclosures and switches. Meeting the needs of today’s scale-out data center operators, ZT Systems designs and manufactures compute and storage solutions at the rack level.


Complete solutions with a robust range of options
ZT Systems goes beyond simple rack integration to provide workload analysis, thermal testing, burn-in, quality assurance and deployment support at the rack level. Along with servers and storage enclosures, a full range of third party switching and power management components are available for integration. To further tailor solutions to your physical environment, innovative rack design modifications can be implemented for optimized power and network cable handling.

Optimal time to value
With ZT rack level compute and storage solutions, you benefit from improved operational efficiency in your data center and solutions that are online and creating value for your business sooner. To support webscale customers with global operations, specialized-shock resistant crates enable safe and rapid worldwide shipping of rack-level solutions. Racks arrive cabled, tested, and ready for instant provisioning upon deployment.