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Compute and Storage Solutions for Hyperscale Data Centers

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With a collaborative, customer-driven design approach and industry-leading execution, ZT Systems is the purpose-built partner for hyperscale compute and storage solutions. We pay close attention to your business and technical objectives, and understand your need to balance factors including performance, density, energy efficiency and supply chain diversity – while managing total cost of ownership.

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Content Delivery

Integrated Racks

Open Compute Project

Hyperscale Server Solutions

For use cases including web, analytics, content delivery, and more, ZT server solutions are tailored to meet your needs. Industry standard components from a broad array of suppliers are used to improve cost effectiveness and supply chain resiliency. We innovate as necessary, and can incorporate design elements ranging from custom enclosures and board designs to low power processors. The result is a server solution that’s finely tuned to your application, producing the balance of performance, efficiency, and cost that fits your value criteria.

Case Study

A large cloud provider approached ZT Systems seeking an innovative low-power server solution with virtualization support (VT), PCIe x16 I/O card and PXE boot support – within a time window allowing only twelve weeks to mass production. Leveraging a broad network of suppliers to source appropriate components, ZT designed and delivered a solution based on an ITX form factor board that met all of the customer requirements – with a power envelope of less than 50W per server.

Hyperscale Storage Solutions

In today’s hyperscale environment, proprietary traditional storage systems are giving way to solutions that strike the right balance of cost, performance, energy efficiency and security. ZT works with you to design solutions for use cases ranging from frequently accessed near line data to vast amounts of infrequently accessed “cold” data. The widest range of available technologies are considered, including low power processors, SSDs and hybrid solutions.

Case Study

ZT developed a custom storage solution employing SSDs for a leading provider of online content delivery. Working closely with the customer to understand their workload in detail and establish appropriateness of an SSD based server solution, ZT engineers collaborated with SSD vendors to ensure best possible implementation. Among the most extensive commercial SSD deployments, the customer’s ZT servers have been instrumental in validating the use of SSD technology for production data center environments.

ZT Solutions for Big Data Analytics

The ability to more rapidly and deeply mine massive troves of data for business insights can provide a valuable competitive edge. A range of new compute frameworks and software tools are helping companies realize this objective. One of the hallmarks of these tools is their scalability, with large installations able to be deployed across hundreds or thousands of servers.

Whether you’re at the outset of a new analytics deployment, or scaling out to accommodate growth, ZT Systems can help. As a supplier to some of the largest internet companies, ZT has proven expertise in designing compute and storage platforms optimized for this specific set of software solutions. Our collaborative design approach means you get analytics servers that are best fit to your particular application requirements and data center constraints.

Case Study

ZT Systems worked with a premiere online gaming company to provide a server platform for web analytics. ZT engineers engaged with the customer to understand specific requirements at the application and data center level, then designed a best-fit platform from cost-effective, industry-standard server components. The client now boasts one of the largest deployments of a leading web analytics package, enabling a rapidly growing gaming company to better understand their business – and stay ahead of the competition.

Content Delivery

For providers operating global server fleets tasked with accelerating delivery of video, applications and data, ZT Systems is an ideal partner. ZT has worked closely with leading content delivery network operators to design solutions optimized for specific applications and data center environments. Exhibiting outstanding energy efficency and low latency, these solutions meet customer requirements for performance and cost effectiveness in a competitive and rapidly growing industry.

Case Study

With thousands of servers processing transactions and delivering web content, efficient server management is of critical importance for large internet infrastructure providers. ZT Systems worked with one such client to develop a solution for flexible and effective remote server management using open-source tools to manage power, image, and diagnostics.

Helping the customer migrate from a proprietary management solution with significant licensing fee and system expenses to a suite of hardware-agnostic open-source tools resulted in an immediately measurable bottom line impact – and the flexibility of using one set of tools to manage an installed base alongside economical new ZT Systems servers.

Rack-level solutions for fast, efficient deployment

In the new model of data center computing, the primary unit for deployment is increasingly the rack instead of individual servers, storage enclosures and switches. Meeting the needs of today’s scale-out data center operators, ZT Systems designs and manufactures compute and storage solutions at the rack level.

Along with servers and storage enclosures, a full range of third party switching and power management components are available for integration. ZT Systems goes beyond simple rack integration to provide workload analysis, thermal testing, burn-in, quality assurance and deployment support at the rack level. To further tailor solutions to your physical environment, innovative rack design modifications can be implemented for optimized power and network cable handling.

With ZT rack level compute and storage solutions, you benefit from improved operational efficiency in your data center and solutions that are online and driving revenue sooner. To support webscale customers with global operations, specialized-shock resistant crates allow rack level solutions to be safely and rapidly shipped worldwide. Racks arrive cabled, tested, and ready for instant provisioning upon deployment.

Open Compute

Open Compute

A leading provider of compute and storage solutions optimized for hyperscale data centers, ZT Systems is a Gold Member of the Open Compute Project and an OCP Solution Provider. We combine open design elements with unique customization capabilities to deliver solutions that are tailored to the technical and business requirements of individual large data center customers. We take time to understand your business and technical requirements before co-developing a “vanity-free” solution that’s customized for you, with just the right balance of industry-standard building blocks and innovative engineering approaches.
>> XPO200 Server Solutions based on Microsoft’s Project Olympus

“As an active participant in the Open Compute Project working group, ZT Systems contributes significant expertise in low power and efficiency-optimized custom server platform design. With the explosive growth of cloud computing, we’ve seen a range of innovations around performance and energy efficiency in server and data center design. This new initiative and a strengthening partnership with OCP enable ZT to leverage a powerful new set of tools for providing efficient server solutions to our customers.”